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Business and spirituality meet

The four element profile™ personality type model was developed by the married couple Anni and Carsten Sennov, who have chosen to combine their two very diverse and individual forms of knowledge about people and personality types.

Carsten Sennov's knowledge is based on several decades of travel – personal, professional, and as an athlete – and extensive interaction with many people personally as well as in his various roles as a salesperson and a leader. In addition, Carsten has participated in a number of courses on products, sales, management and personal development around the world. These courses have each provided him with an insight into different personality types. He has also lived in a number of different countries, which has enhanced his ability to understand and recognise different types of people.

Anni Sennov's knowledge about personality types takes its point of departure in her training as an astrologer in the early 1980s. She is also the author of a number of books about personal transformation, energy and consciousness, relationships and New Time Children and has more than 25 years of experience in consulting people personally and professionally about these topics. In addition, Anni is the creator of the consciousness transformation method AuraTransformation™, which has gained much currency in Scandinavia and in other countries mainly in Europe. Most important in relation to the personality type model, however, are Anni Sennov’s clairvoyant abilities, as she is able to read each element and its energy structure around others. This means that she can see which elements a person possesses and the degree to which these have been developed and mastered by the person.

Carsten Sennov views the world from a scientific angle, based on his analytical and logical proficiency and his trained ability to read the personal qualities of others according to their actions and manners; Anni Sennov has a special clairvoyant ability to see the same people’s inherent qualities and elements, as well as their respective capacity. When combined, these skills have proven to have a unique power. Hence, by systemising their knowledge, they have created the foundation for developing the four element profile™ personality type model.