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2-Day Elements Course

NEW and revolutionary profile-setting method which combines the classical & the spiritual outlook - a precise, easy & intuitive method that you will never forget!

On our 2-day course you will learn
  • to understand other people in an easy and intuitive way
  • to understand the 4 elements, yourself & others better and to understand why different types of people act and express themselves as they do
  • to communicate with other people's elements so you become more effective in your communication and avoid misunderstandings
  • to read people's strengths and weaknesses in their face, body, movements, appearance, speech & behavior
  • to understand what job profiles, areas & businesses suit you best
  • to understand which people you work well with and why your circle looks like it does
  • to be more inclusive as a person both at work & in private

Once you have learned this, you will never forget it!


Carsten Sennov


Day 1: 10.00 - 17.30
Day 2:  9.00 - 18.00


Price per person for companies: 745 EUROS excl. VAT
Price per person for private individuals: 745 EUROS incl. VAT
Price includes tuition, course materials, lunch, tea, coffee, something sweet & fresh fruit.

Course Locations

Helsinki & London

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