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Body Elements Activation Workshop

Activate the four elements in your body!

We invite you to attend this exciting full-day workshop, where we will be focusing on activating your Personal Elements and thereby strengthen your own materialization power in your body.

This is a special opportunity for you which the co-founder of four element profile™, Anni Sennov, has helped a selected number of people with on a one-on-one basis and on workshops held in the Nordic countries. It will activate the four elements at a deeper and more high-frequency spiritual level in your physical body, which will have a very positive effect on everything you do in your daily life after the workshop.

The spiritual activation of the four elements Fire, Water, Earth and Air is taking place in a larger group of people and will allow you to dig deeper into your own energy potential.

Working with energy in a large group will make you feel safe during the activation process and it will help all the participants to create and activate energy and power at a much higher level than if trying to do it home alone.

Furthermore, you get the opportunity of meeting like-minded people with similar interests and needs as yourself.

When you are connected to the elements in the Earth and they are updated to a higher spiritual level, you can better create the things you really want in your life. So join the workshop and get more power to fulfil your own life purpose.

Please remember to bring your own sleeping mat and a blanket.

English speaking instructors

Susanne Broända (in Finland)
Teresaa Stovin, Ph.D (in the US)