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Introduction to our courses & workshops

All people are a combination of the elements Fire, Water, Earth and Air in various balances and strengths, and these elements express themselves in our face, body, behavior, speech, movement, radiance, etc. The element or elements that are strongest in us are called our principal element(s) and they are often seen as our strengths, while non-prinicipal elements are often considered as our weaknesses.

It is possible to learn to read the four elements in other people simply by seeing, hearing and sensing their character. This means that the more time you spend with these people, the clearer their principal element(s) will reveal themselves to you and the better you will be aware of their element profiles.

By understanding your own element profile, you get a better understanding of yourself, your behavior, your appearance, your choice of partner, your close friends, your responses in given situations, and much more. You will also gain an understanding of which elements you have the greatest potential to develop and how this can be done.

Each element and each element profile expresses and perceives messages in its own way. So first by learning to read the elements a person has and then by learning to communicate with the person's element profile, you will ensure that your message will be maximumally understood for the benefit of all parties involved, whether it is in a private or company-related situation.

Being able to determine and understand your own and others' element profiles can be extremely beneficial in work-related situations. This is because some elements and element profiles fit much better with some roles than others. For example it will not work to hire a very empathetic Water person for a role requiring great driving force and courage and therefore a lot of Fire.

The elements are found everywhere in all living things and thus in both humans and animals. You also find the elements in various job profiles and work roles, as well as in departments and businesses, and you can even find the elements represented in different places and in cities and countries, etc. This is why you can feel at home in a totally unfamiliar place, often due to the fact that the principal element(s) of that place match your own element profile.

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