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Extended Course

Content and goals

On the one-day four element profile™ Extended Course we will explain more deeply how the four elements are expressed, and you will also learn how the individual elements react to stress, prioritize their work, attend to their children, drive their cars, and much more. So that with all these things together you will gain an even better understanding of how people display the four elements.

As something completely new and revolutionary, you will also learn to read the elements in people's faces and bodies. That is, you will learn to tell the difference between the mouths and noses for the elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air respectively, and much more. Each element is expressed in its own way in many different places in our face, and the same applies to our body. So at the end of the day, you will be able to read a person's combination of elements based on their face and body, and this will change your view of people forever.

The course consists of a mixture of theory, examples, discussions and exercises, including audio, video and images.

Once you have learned to read the combinations of elements in other people, we will move on to learn how to communicate with the various element combinations, so you get the most out of your communication with other people and can more easily explain what you mean.

You get further insight into how you and others can integrate more of the respective elements into your personality, and the day closes with all participants having the opportunity to test their knowledge by reading the element combinations of the other participants, and it is of course optional if you wish to take part in this.


Carsten Sennov


9.00 - 18.00


Price per person for companies: 450 EUROS excl. VAT
Price per person for private individuals: 450 EUROS incl. VAT
Price includes tuition, course materials, lunch, tea, coffee, something sweet & fresh fruit.

Course Locations

Helsinki & London

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