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The Annual Cycle of the Elements


Two-hour lecture/webinar on how you can plan the coming year and the future based on the influence of the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

By knowing the energy structure of the four elements and their influence over every living thing on this Earth, as well as the annual rhythm of the elements and their overall cycle, it becomes possible and/or easier for you to plan and time your upcoming activities with the possibility of a higher success rate than before.
For example, if you are trying to carry out a specific project at a time when the required element energy or energies are not active, then the elements will seldom cooperate with you and it will be a struggle for you to realize your ideas.

If you have insight into the combination of elements in yourself and the people, companies, places and countries, etc., that have a part in the achievement of your project(s), then it will become even easier for you both to anticipate and plan when to put things in motion. Last but not least, it is important how you try to realize your projects as there should be a match between the projects and the places where you want to bring the projects out in life.

The lecture/webinar is aimed at anyone interested in knowing more about the annual rhythm and overall cycle of the four elements, and how the elements can affect the realization of your plans.


Anni Sennov
Johanna Saari (in Finland)
Teresaa Stovin, Ph.D (in the US)