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The Air Element

In an organization an Air person is the visionary leader who constantly seeks new opportunities and is already working in the future and detecting new trends. Unless the Air person is fortunate to have landed a dream job in advertising and entertainment or is working as an artist or a researcher, they are simply too creative and too hungry for knowledge to be able to work as a ‘regular employee’ in a large organization with clearly-defined areas of responsibility for each employee.

An Air person is a communicator, they are positive and inspiring, change quickly and are adaptable by nature. They are open-minded, tolerant, and non-judgmental and are good at making people open up to their creativity.

An Air person is innovative and outspoken – and often unknowingly opens up to other people’s inner thoughts due to their simple and straightforward approach to things. The people around them soon feel that they do not mean to pry but that they want to share knowledge and insight.

If you share similar interests you are never bored in the company of an Air person, as they are very good storytellers and know how to spice up their stories. They often have a bizarre or black sense of humour.

An Air person is constantly searching for the truth and often finds new truths in life. On the other hand they never look back to reconnect with a former truth, but continue to absorb new knowledge and information like a sponge, and Air persons are known for their photographic memory.

Many words are needed to describe an Air person’s personality diversity, but a few are listed below:

Clear; visionary and see opportunities, but often lack empathy at a personal and emotional level, which is why they may appear fanatical to the people around them; easily bored and tend to get depressed if their intellect is not stimulated; like to speak and write; constantly gather and spread new knowledge; future oriented; want to understand; intellectual and not particularly sexual or material by nature; can be a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde depending on their mood or if they are unable to show their ideas to anyone; may seem rather psychopathic if they are absorbed and fanatical in their interests in specific issues; they have personal power because of their insight and knowledge; they are firm if things are deadlocked; sensible; diplomatic; innocent and at times naive in their approach to life; mentally intuitive and mentally active with a good memory; intellectual; analyzing; perfectionist in certain areas; always thinking about something; always well-prepared at meetings and in other activities in general; realistic; straightforward; fair and want to be thanked for their efforts; respectful of others; specific; controlling; thrifty and often careful with their money, although they do not mind spending a lot of money, if they really want something; keep things in perspective; devoted and loyal.

Of the four elements the Air element is the element that would fare worst in its pure form if this were possible - because without Fire, Water and Earth, life would be one long and useless eternal study with a changing focus on philosophy, religion, architecture, endangered species, pollution etc. where no one would ever take any action in life at all.
The Air element resembles the fast mental energy and is the most observant and forward-looking of the four elements. Therefore the Air person is a seasoned traveller and is often on the road.

This article about the Air element is an excerpt from Carsten & Anni Sennov’s book ‘Be a Conscious Leader in your own Life’ (currently available in Danish and Swedish only), where you can read about the four element profile™ personality type indicator.