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The Earth Element

In an organization you will find an Earth person in the finance and bookkeeping departments, in the IT department dealing with system maintenance and in the warehouse handling logistics and deliveries. You will also find an Earth person among the self-employed, such as tradesmen or manufacturers.

An Earth person is a stable, persevering worker. They are realistic, economical and goal oriented. They judge their environment based on their achievements and they prefer to be judged on their own achievements as well. An Earth person can be very difficult to deal with if the parties disagree. When things are running smoothly, however, an Earth person is easier to communicate with – and may even be optimistic.

An Earth person is a realistic person with a touch of pessimism, which makes it hard to persuade them about new opportunities and new ways of viewing things. An Earth person believes in human abilities and timing, rather than intuition. They want to ensure a positive outcome before popping the champagne and celebrating.

Basically, an Earth person is very instinctive and survival–oriented by nature, and always knows when to be careful. When all the birds in the forest suddenly fall silent, danger is ahead and the Earth person is a master at reading such signals. An Earth person remains calm and focused in situations of crisis and keeps their promises. Do not irritate or cheat an Earth person, however, as you may then face the danger of an explosion or tremendous anger.

Because an Earth person is persistent and has a serious approach to things, a major power of manifestation and a correspondingly stable drive, they are a master of turning big or small ideas into reality. An Earth person’s actions are all based on seriousness and when solving a problem or an assignment they always start out by creating a solid foundation as rock steady as themselves. An Earth person then creates order, clarity and transparency in the process, so that everybody knows where they stand and what their specific role is in a certain matter. This creates confidence and trust for all parties involved.

Even if the Earth person is generally slower than the other element types, they always reach their goals and undoubtedly stay within their budget as the only one of the four element profiles. An Earth person never launches any risky projects.

An Earth person is extremely down to earth and always makes long-term plans. They always save for a rainy day and so there are always plenty of goods in stock at work, sufficient funds in their personal savings account and enough food in the cabinets and the freezer at home, as ‘shortage’ is a big ‘no-no’ in the universe of an Earth person. If the basic needs, such as sleep, clothes, sex, food and water are not met, an Earth person is unable to focus, work or even function. On the other hand, in times of surplus an Earth person will definitely make an extra effort at work and then share the profit with the parties involved, based on their efforts, as long as the pay is good. An Earth person feels right at home discussing financial matters.

In their personal life an Earth person is physically passionate in all aspects, such as hungry for love and sex, and they often strive for the rather basic things in life. An Earth person is possessive regarding material things and their spouse or partner, and jealousy is a well-known phenomenon in their personal universe. An Earth person appreciates nice things and nice people and is stimulated through their physical senses, such as their sense of sight, hearing, taste, smell, etc.

Unlike the other element types the Earth person has a very natural view of the life-death issue and accepts the course of life without feeling the need to change things along the way.

The Earth element resembles the practical and physically active energy and is the most stable and persistent of the four elements. The Earth element is like late summer, like harvest time and slowly preparing for autumn and winter, preparing buildings and equipment, storing supplies, etc.

This article about the Earth element is an excerpt from Carsten & Anni Sennov’s book ‘Be a Conscious Leader in your own Life’ (currently available in Danish and Swedish only), where you can read about the four element profile™ personality type indicator.