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The Fire Element

In an organization a Fire person supports the corporate spirit and is followed by his or her employees in their effort to reach a common goal. This is a Fire person’s main qualification.

A Fire person is intuitive in a creative way – fast and full of ideas – a contrast to stability, and constantly re-evaluates and reconstructs in an effort to obtain great results. A Fire person gives hope to his or her surroundings and maintains a strong combination of vitality and drive.

A Fire person appears to be always connected to a higher power. He or she has a strong personality and great charisma and is constantly forward-looking and open to new impulses, inspiring, enticing and goal-oriented with great willpower and drive.

Slow change gives a Fire person a forward-looking drive, which is entirely motivated by will.

Fast change makes a Fire person almost explode and burn his or her way through all known systems with the intent of building their very own, new structure with a focus on progress and great activity.

If everything goes according to plan, they are successful and an inspiration to their staff. They express great personal drive and kindness towards others. However, if things do not go smoothly there is a risk that the Fire energy will be so compressed that it can lead to surprisingly large uncontrolled bursts of anger, often to the extent that is quite scary to those around.

Under pressure a Fire person often lacks self-control, they have a bad temper and tend to become overworked and stressed.

If the Fire burns inappropriately within a Fire person, it often leads to impulsive actions, self-satisfaction and a desire for power, negativity and aggressiveness, pride in a negative way and a tendency towards being blinded by their own charisma.

In times of prosperity a Fire person possesses a strong transforming power, which can lead the entire staff, the organization and themselves to major results.

A Fire person thrives on challenges and is a trendsetter in many ways. A Fire person constantly seeks excitement, is fair and always wants to have the last word. Although a Fire person can be very aggressive when times are challenging, he or she never ceases to believe that things will work out eventually.

During good times, when success is stable and predictable, a Fire person may be very bored if there are no challenges and exciting tasks.

On the personal level a Fire person is a warm human being with their heart in the right place. They are full of ideas. However, if they do not write those ideas down right away, and if they do not execute them instantly, many ideas are lost.

The Fire element resembles the powerful energy in an extremely energetic way and is the most physically active of the four elements. The warmth and vitality of a Fire person is best compared with the first strong sun of spring that activates the reproduction and the sex drive in humans and animals. Hence, a Fire person has a strong sexual drive that is easily turned on.

This article about the Fire element is an excerpt from Carsten & Anni Sennov’s book ‘Be a Conscious Leader in your own Life’ (currently available in Danish and Swedish only), where you can read about the four element profile™ personality type indicator.