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The Four Elements

The elements of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air are essential for all physical life, but it is at least as important for you to have these four elements integrated in your consciousness and your personality.

When all four elements are integrated in your consciousness, it creates a sense of wholeness and balance around your personal aura and when spending time with and working with others personally and professionally.

An insight into the differences between the elements will also help you understand your surroundings better, which will affect your way of communicating and enable you to achieve much better results in your relations with others.

The personality type indicator four element profile™ is based on the four elements Fire, Water, Earth and Air, which are each present in everyone in different balances and strengths.

Fire represents your personal drive and your inner fire.

Water represents your personal flow and your ability to balance at all levels.

Earth represents your personal expression and the physical environment in your daily life.

Air represents your different kinds of insights from common sense to practical knowledge, human knowledge, your inspiration and creativity, and your vision.

The combinations of elements result in 15 different profiles, all of which are described in Carsten & Anni Sennov's book ‘Be a Conscious Leader in Your Own Life’ (currently in Danish and Swedish only). The individual profiles are also matched with professional business roles.

Our courses and workshops help you gain insight into the four elements and we will advise you about how to integrate the elements in your personality and your day-to-day life. Read more about the four elements under the tabs in the menu bar on the left.