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The Water Element

In an organization a Water person is better than anyone else at using their communication skills to connect with the hearts and minds of their co-workers, e.g. as an understanding and empathetic leader or as a sales person selling to corporate clients.

In favourable contexts, a Water person is characterized by a positive personal flow in all aspects. A Water person communicates well and has a well-developed emotional intuition, which helps them know when the timing is right to strike in order to reach a certain goal. A Water person also has very good timing when it comes to handling unexpected situations, at work or at home. When co-workers and employees are up to their necks in assignments and stressed out, and when things are chaotic, a Water person suddenly manages and goes with the flow in the most favourable direction, because they are good at taking things as they come without making too much of a fuss.
A Water person is in their element when things flow, regardless if it is in a positive or a negative way.

A Water person likes to express everything and often helps their surroundings open up and release, which can bring even quiet people and people of few words to speak.
However, a Water person can also talk people’s ears off in order to convince the people around them and sell their message, their product and their idea, which can definitely be an advantage. However, at other times it may be a disadvantage, as the message might get lost in too many words, despite the good intentions.

Generally a Water person is a pleasurable person, which is clearly visible in their daily involvement and performance at work. They have no long-term professional or personal goals. Therefore, their professional career may take several turns over the years.

Communication, cooperation, flow, intuition, empathy and intimacy are important elements in a Water person's life, which makes them an exceptional participant in creative and process-oriented projects that require a high level of empathy. A Water person likes to share their life experience with others.

The Water element can be expressed through an individual’s personality in many ways that figuratively speaking could be a large puddle, a pond in the forest, a river or an entire ocean, which is crucial for how intensely they express themselves. Therefore, you will find a Water person at all levels within an organization and in society, depending on the extent of the Water element.

A Water person is fond of children, interested in psychology and human development, wants security and sticks to the same people in their personal lives throughout their life, if possible. They are emotionally sensitive, often moody and very stimulated by food that fills the stomach and creates physical comfort. In addition, a Water person is outgoing, understanding, caring, harmonizing, life-giving and fearless - but with a strong underlying fear of losing their loved ones. A Water person often lacks boundaries and appears transgressive due to their ignorance of others.

The Water element resembles the intuitive energy in a giving way and is the most changeable of the four elements. You can compare the Water element to weather situations that involve water, such as a silent spring or summer rain, pouring rain in the autumn, heavy rain and thunder, beautiful falling snow, blizzards, sleet or freezing rain. It is easy to sense the Water element's many moods, fluctuating from gentleness to very powerful emotions that are completely out of control - a constant change between settled and unsettled weather. Hence, it is easy to imagine the impact - negative and positive - a Water person can have on their family and co-workers and on the atmosphere in the family and the organization – in good and in bad times.

This article about the Water element is an excerpt from Carsten & Anni Sennov’s book ‘Be a Conscious Leader in your own Life’ (currently available in Danish and Swedish only), where you can read about the four element profile™ personality type indicator.